Postnatal BF Education

Private Breastfeeding Consultation

For individual mothers and their babies.

Situations where breastfeeding support may be beneficial,

  • Ineffective latch-on, poor positioning,
  • Sore or cracked nipples,
  • Engorgement, blocked duct and mastitis.
  • Candida, or thrush infection.
  • Slow weight gain.
  • Increasing and maintaining milk supply.
  • Overactive let-down, too much milk.

Breastfeeding in special situations; 

  • Tongue tie, cleft lip and/or cleft palate
  • Down's syndrome as well as many other medical conditions.
  • Twins or triplets
  • Expressing breast milk if you are separated from your baby.

Gift Certificates can be arranged.

To organise a Gift Voucher simply phone Martina at 087-2034619 or email to Vouchers can be posted directly to recipient and separate receipt sent to purchaser.

There is a six month expiry date on all vouchers.