What People Said
Marie said :
Message : I had just been to Martinas' antenatal breastfeeding class only last week when I went into labour later that evening. I had met Martina through her meditation classes and was aware she was also a lactation consultant. She told me about this class she was holding in Ongar.I had planned on breastfeeding and needed all the help I could get. The information provided on the day, both in the class itself and in the information package provided, proved priceless. While I got quite alot of support in the hospital I attended, I still found it difficult and was tempted at one stage to 'give in' to the bottle but on reading the information package Martina had put together as a basic revision of what she had covered in the three hours, I persevered. I still had in my handbag from the class, not having had a chance to look at it before hospital. At my weakest point I found it comforting, consolable and practical. A week later now all is going well and he's feeding like a trooper, long may it last. I find it of great comfort knowing that if we do run into any problems I can call on Martinas' expertise. Many thanks Martina and hope to see you at meditation soon again. Maire

Lisa said :
I had tried to breastfeed my first child after an emergeny c. section but we ended up coming home from hospital combining formula and breastfeeding and after 11 weeks the breastfeeding finally lost out. I had found things difficult I have to admit. When I was expecting my 2nd child, I was determined to feed for longer this time and to avoid combining. I had to have another section (breech this time!) but we came home from hospital breastfeeding. The early weeks I had some problems, (painful latch) and Martina came and saved the day. She visited us a several times until we had resolved the issues, and stayed in touch until we were feeding happily. Now my little son is approaching his 1st birthday - we are still breastfeeding and it is just fantastic. I'm so happy I got the right help and support I needed, and at the time I need it most. Thanks Martina xx

Hanna said :
I met Martina few a weeks before my baby was due. I really wanted to succeed with breastfeeding so I thought preparing for it would be important. Martina talked to me about breastfeeding, showed me positions, latching, etc. and was very reassuring. When my baby was born I found the advice I got in the hospital quite confusing as every nurse said and showed me different things about breastfeeding. The information Martina had given was invaluable and helped me to get a good start. I had contact with Martina when my baby was experiencing stomach problems which caused difficulties with feeding. Martina was very supportive, experienced, and knowledgeable and she was of great help to me. Thank you! Hanna