Antinatal BF Support
Private Breastfeeding Education

This session will include all the information covered in my Group Class but can be arranged at a time to suit your personal schedule.

It also provides the flexibility to invite the expectant mothers' partner, as well as key support people.

Group Antenatal Breastfeeding Classes

For expectant mothers and their partners.

Gain information and skills to get breastfeeding off to the best start.

Topics discussed in each class will include;

  • Positioning your baby and latch on.
  • Importance of recognising feeding cues and effective feeding.
  • Discussion about and information on early breastfeeding challenges.
  • Continuing breastfeeding beyond the first few weeks.
  • Expressing and storage of breast milk.
  • The importance of breastfeeding.

Each class will be tailored to suit the individual needs of the participants and individual questions and concerns will be addressed.

Prior booking is necessary.

There are morning and evening Breastfeeding Classes available. See Calendar of Events.

Fee includes light refreshments and a take home information pack.

As with ever new venture the knowledge and skills must be in place to successfully execute the task.

Breastfeeding is natural but does not always come naturally to a new mother and her baby. It is a learned art.

With the information and skills gained in this, an interesting and action packed class mothers will have the confidence and insight to assist in establishing breastfeeding.

Gift Certificates can be arranged.

To organise a Gift Voucher simply phone Martina at 087-2034619 or email to Vouchers can be posted directly to recipient and separate receipt sent to purchaser.

There is a six month expiry date on all vouchers.