Life Activation
Awakening your Body, Mind and Spirit. This Healing Modality allows you to access greater amounts of life force energy.

It helps release old emotional wounds that hold your life force back.

DNA is the basic blue print of every living cell.  Most of the population access only 5-10% of their DNA. With the activation of the 22 strands of your DNA you will experience the amazing power of this healing modality.

Awaken your full potential and feel the benefits.

  •  Reduce your stresses.
  •  Increase your energy levels, maximize your self-confidence.
  •  Strengthen your immune system.
  •  Awaken more areas within your brain.
  •  Improve your overall physical health.
  •  Ease the heaviness of depression.
  •  Bring more clarity to your life purpose.
  •  Bring forth unrealized talents.
  •  Experience personal freedom from what holds you back.
  •  Clear negative family traits that have been passed onto you within your family line.

This is a one hour session


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